Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If your care staff does not arrive when you expect them to, allow at least fifteen minutes and then call the main office on 01164362335.

We do hope you will take time to get to know the care workers we send you before you decide that you don’t like them or the way they work but if there is a genuine and reasonable reason that you are unhappy one of our workers you have the right to request a change, always call our main office if like to discuss change of worker on telephone 01164362335.

You can cancel a visit or suspend or cancel your entire service, subject to notice period. If you do not tell us you want to cancel with enough notice, charges may still be made for the service even if it is not delivered.

We know that most people that use our services don’t want a lot of different  people visiting them and we therefore always do our best to keep the number of different workers that visit you to a minimum.

It sometimes clearly unavoidable that you will receive your service from a care worker that you have not met before ,but if you feel that the number of different people that the visiting you is excessive, please let us know contact our main office .

We will:

  • Make sure we always have enough suitable staff to deliver your service
  • Ensure that our staff are competent, trustworthy, and fit for the work
  • Carry out criminal records checks on all staff that have contact with you
  • Recruit the best staff we can and give them support and training to ensure they can provide you service properly
  • Support our staff to obtain relevant qualifications where we can get funding to do so

We will:

  • See you as a whole person and try to meet your emotional and social needs as well as physical ones,
  • Promote confidence and self-esteem,
  • Help improve your quality of life and your sense of personal fulfilment,
  • Focus on what you can do and what you cannot, and encourage you to be as independent as possible,
  • Provide regular reviews where needed to ascertain the time of support needed amount of time you need.
  • Support you to make informed risks
  • Support you with family relationships and friendships if you are lonely and isolated.
  • Help you to participate in your local community, to use specialist and mainstream services and facilities and take advantage and choices and opportunities

Trinity independent care

Trinity independent Care provides a personalised service whether it is the promotion of independent living in your own home or supplying staff to care homes

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